Thursday, January 6, 2011

Act 15: Euphoria

It has been months now since Danny and I talked. It's actually quite difficult for me because our classes had been the same for we chose the same schedule for the whole semester. Now, we were both trying to avoid each other. Well, she was more into the avoiding thing than me, but I wanted it that way. After what happened to us in the second floor, I knew we both needed space and time to think.

After a few more days before the semester ended, I finally noticed that I seldom see Danny in our college building. Well, it had been better for me, but still being her close friend, I got a little worried as to her whereabouts. Everytime after class, she would leave early and I won't ever see her until the next class. I wonder what she was been up to that time so I sort of started to investigate.

We were also members of the same organization in our college so I started there. I tried asking some of our orgmates if they know where she was. No one exactly knew where she has been going or what she was up to, so I decided to talk to our common friend Rina.

Danny and I met Rina after we shifted. She was actually our first ever friend in the new college. Our meeting wasn't exactly an accident. There was this one time during our first class in one of our major subjects, we needed to create a group of four students for all the group work will be doing for the rest of the semester. 

Since me and Danny were new to the college, we really don't know a lot of people. So we just paired up and tried looking for two more members. Then we found Ina, one of our seatmates who apparently was also a shiftee like us. We were quite getting along well when all of a sudden, this fair-skinned girl wearing a sleeveless-shirt approached us and asked whether we still needed another member. Since we are only three, we told her yes and she joined us without asking us if it's okay. Well, that was Rina. She was actually the type of person who's aggressive and who won't give in as long as she thinks she is right. She is never shy and she really is a student oozing with self-confidence. After a few more conversations, we found out that Rina was another shiftee from the Arts and Literature College. From that day on, Rina had been the third wheel, or should I say the third addition to the whole Danny and Mark pairing. Well, although Danny and I had been doing well together, it's not a bad thing if someone else would tag along with us. That's when our group began.

Since Rina and Danny had been staying in the same boarding house, I approached her and asked whether she knew what's going on with Danny these past few days. Well, she told me that she took this part time job in the College of Education as a student assistant. Well, before the whole letter drama, Danny's mom left for the US to work, which means she had to live on her own along with her two little sisters. She probably took the job to earn a little extra so that she can have enough money for their financial needs (and wants).

When I found out, I finally was able to breathe freely. I was just so worried that she might be doing bad things to herself again after I unintentionally broke her heart a few months back. Well, I think her new job is a blessing in disguise for it could at least take her mind off from what happened.


It was already summer break, which means Gian and I could spend more time together. Ever since we became lovers, we both made it to a point that we should spend at least a day or two together once a week.

We were able to settle the problem with Cliff when Gian told him about everything. The guy probably got pissed but since they are not yet together, he didn't really have a right to get mad. Although Gian told me how bad he felt for Cliff. It wasn't actually our intention to hurt him but as what they say, "if it's not for you, it's not for you."

Since we both don't have classes a anymore, Gian spent most of his time going to our house, or it was me who went to their place. We would either do a sleep over or we will just do whatever we want to do. And one of our favorite pastimes is cooking,

Well, I'm not really into cooking for I don't know how to (unless you call boiling water cooking), but Gian was a good cook. I know he's younger than me but boy, he's the king of the kitchen. Whenever I'm at their house, or he's in our house, he would often be the one to cook. I'd just either look at her cook or I'll help him prepare the ingredients. I'll always remember those times when I would just stare at him in amazement as he creates a very mouthwatering dish. Since I'm a heavy eater, I really appreciated all the dishes that he cooked for the both of us.

I remembered before when we decided to make baked mac and blueberry cheesecake. It will be his first time that time so he was quite nervous, but I told him don't be. Whatever the outcome will be, we'll both eat it. I told him that for I'm quite sure he'll be able to pull it off, knowing what a great cook he is.

So after finally deciding on the ingredients, we stormed to the nearest grocery store and we bought the thing on the list which I wrote. When we arrived home, my mom was quite excited at what we'll be doing. I told her our plan and she said she'll just be there if she needed our help. Oh, how I love my mom, being as supportive as ever.

We laid all the ingredients on the table and Gian started to make magic. He was quite sweaty that time for we didn't know it's quite laborious to create the two dishes. I just stood there by his side and wiped the sweat on his forehead. I went at his back and hugged him from behind as he continued to mix the ingredients. I placed my chin on his left shoulder as I looked the creamy mixture. Gian smiled as he kissed my cheek, which really made me blush.

After we placed the cake in the fridge and we left the pasta in the oven to bake, Gian and I went to my room. We were both sweating after all the cooking, baking and mixing so we both lied down side by side on my bed. Gian stared at me and smiled. His dimples were so cute I would rather pinch his cheeks. But all I did was to smile back at him.

"I love you." Gian said still smiling at me.

"I love you too!" I replied.

We were both smiling at each other as if there's no tomorrow. I really can't help but smile whenever Gian was around. I would often miss him whenever we are not together and I swear I felt bad everytime we have to part. That's why I always wanted to make the most out of the time we were together.

We were just lying there without saying a anything, but we understood each other. It's as if we are communicating without the use of words. Then, all of a sudden, Gian grabbed my hand and placed it just on top of his chest. I felt the beating of his heart. It was beating quite fast but not fast enough to signify exhaustion. He then closed his eyes and smiled. I also closed my eyes and I just felt it. The feeling was unexplainable, but t was warm. I felt comfort in the presence of the guy I've been in loved with all these times.

As we stayed there with both our eyes closed, I felt Gian moved closer to where I was lying and I felt his warm breath near my face. I kept my eyes close and I just felt him. Then, he planted a gentle kiss on my lips. My heart started to beat faster and faster as his lips touched mine. I also felt his heart beating against mine. 

I wanted for that moment to last longer. I wished it would never end. We didn't anymore care about the world. We only cared about ourselves, and no one else. He hugged me tightly but he made sure our lips won't part. That was the day I would never ever forget. The day I can purely say that the man I was with had been the man I've been waiting for all these years, and I would never ever regret loving him for the rest of my life.