Monday, January 3, 2011

Waiting Shed

It was raining hard that day. I saw myself standing under the waiting shed trying to stay dry. It was such a harsh day for me, getting fired from my job and getting evicted from my apartment. I got nowhere else to go. That time, all I know is that the sky was trying to console me. It was crying... for me. Of all the people, why me? 

I continued to ask this question as I stare at the vehicles that pass by. Their lights were blinding. I saw this male couple trying to cross the road. They were both under the protection of a jacket which they placed just above their heads. I know they were both getting wet, but I saw the smile on their faces despite their current situation. The taller guy tried to put his arms on the shorter guy. They looked so sweet and so contented with each other.

Then I remember everything that happened to me. I had been constantly tortured by my boss in the office for being the best employee. He probably is threatened that I might replace him so he usually made me do things which are not even part of my job description. I tried to stay, to show him that I won’t just easily back out. But the worst part was, he played dirty. He tried to set me up and made others think that I was the one who stole the missing cash from the register. I know we both knew that it was really his fault, but he wanted to save his fat arse from getting fired so he put all the blame on me.  Well, I defended myself for I know I’m innocent, but what’s my ace against seniority? Eventually, the owner believed my boss and I got fired immediately. Next thing I knew, I don’t have an apartment to go to. I was just evicted for not being able to pay the monthly dues. Well, I didn’t actually have to suffer but since my sickly mother needed money for her medicince, I needed to put up for her.

The worst part is, I saw something that could’ve totally broken me into pieces. That evening, I decided to call my boyfriend for I really have no place to stay. I kept on texting and calling him but he wasn’t responding. Desperate, I decided to just go directly to his place. But when I arrived, I saw him cuddling and getting overly sweet with another guy whom I’ve never seen before. I ran away as fast as I could, away from the place which I could’ve called home. And that was why I ended up here, in this old, rusty waiting shed.

The rain started to get stronger that even if I stayed in the middle of the only cover I can get, I still got wet. I looked up to see where the water was coming from and I saw this hole on the old roof. I thought to myself, "This roof must have been here a long time ago, trying to withstand any kind of weather, may it be the rays of the sun or the strong downpour. It had been made to cover people, and for sure, a lot of these people had been greatly protected. It was all thanks to this only temporary shelter that they were shaded from the heat of the sun or covered from the rain.”

But as I've said, I realized that it was all but temporary. People do come and go, and after being protected, this shelter probably didn't even sense some sort of gratitude from the people whom it just protected. It got old and probably, would soon be useless, with no maintenance; just waiting to get totally dilapidated. After all that it did for these ungrateful people, still, it was never appreciated.

Then suddenly, it dawned on me... We were much alike, this 'temporary' shelter and me, sharing the same experience; trying to help others, protect others, even love and care for others, but was never valued. 

As I look at the hole of this old, rusty roof, I remembered myself getting the harshness of reality. I hope someday, just someday, people would see me as something worth keeping... Something that could be treasured. And as the rain continued to pour, the shed echoed it's wish to the skies along with mine, that someday, someone will stay with us, and share himself with us for a lifetime.