Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Those Eyes of Yours

You looked at her with those eyes of yours that could melt any soul
But she ignored you, as if you didn't exist, as if you were not there.

You just came from school and you asked her for a date, hoping you could be with her
But she just looked at you, then turned back to her mobile phone and coldly accepted your offer without even looking back at you again.

You were just sitting there on your chair, sitting still, not moving, just looking at her with those eyes that could soften a hardened heart.
But she continued texting without even paying you heed.

You asked her if she’s hungry, she didn’t mind you. She looked as if she was bored. She wished she could’ve just went somewhere else.

You bought food for you knew she’s hungry after a day’s work but she didn’t see the effort you put. The only thing she wished was to be in a place where you’re not present. Still, you looked at her asking for some attention.

You said the food is getting cold and that she’d better not starve herself but she just took a quick glance on the plate in front of her. She went back to playing with her phone, and not a single word. I knew you were about to tear up.

Finally, after a few more tries, she gave in, she ate. And the next 6 words she said were like a huge blow to your face. “Take me home immediately after this.” That time, you lowered your head, and that single droplet of tear could’ve been hidden from the world.

But no, not to me. Yes. I know how you felt. I know how painful the feeling is. And no matter how far I am from where you are sitting, those eyes of yours won’t ever lie.

My only wish was to let you see me. To let you know that even if your girlfriend treats you like dirt, there will always be someone out here silently wishing that somehow you will look my way and smile and finally realize that she doesn’t deserve you and you deserve better.

If only those eyes of yours could see… If only they could feel… If only…