Friday, March 18, 2011

For Eternity

You lifted those hands as I saw you
You tried to wave goodbye in the blue
Tears fell down my eyes you see
And my vision was blurred by the truth

The truth of your goodbye had hit me
The truth in which I came to see
Tears again fell down my eyes
And tried to hide the pain I feel inside

I felt inside a deeper longing
I felt inside the pain revolving
Tears I hope would soon subside
And hope you would soon be by my side

By my side I know you will rest
By my side I know it's just a test
Tears I know would come again
And lift me back what is with me then

With me then the world evolves
With me then our story unfolds
Tears are just traces of a memory
And will be cherished for eternity

For eternity we'll soon be together
For eternity we'll transcend forever
Tears will just be part of the past
And the sweetest smile will finally last