Thursday, June 9, 2011

Circle of Friends

I was never alone.

Yes, I’m always with the company of my friends. They were so many that most of the time, I lose count of them.

They were almost uncountable. The combined number of fingers and toes in both my hands and feet won’t even be enough to tell you how many my friends are.

All I know is that they were always there for me when I need them and that they will never ever leave me.

Wherever I go, I always make sure that I bring even just a piece of them. And they will gladly hand me something without hesitation.

To make sure that I will really never be alone.

And that always makes me happy. Yes, very happy. And whenever I come home from, they always greet me with a smile and they would always ask me how my day went, and of course, I would gladly tell them everything that happened to me that day.

            But you know what, I feel guilty because even though I always treat them fairly, I could never erase the fact that I like some of them more than the others.

One of them was Mathilda. She was that fair-skinned young lady who always asks me if I enjoyed my day. And yes, no matter how bad my day went, she was always there to cheer me up.

She always accompanies me as I do my favorite pastime. And after I do mine, she would even offer her wrist. Then I’ll gladly trace some lines on that soft piece of skin. And she would just smile at me, enjoying what I was doing to her.

Another one of my friends that I’ve shown more affinity with was Pietro. He was one of my latest friends and he was born from a middle-class family. Before, he used to tell me how sad he was and how he regrets having a family whose parents were always fighting and arguing.

He told me how he forsake his parents and how he hated them. He even wished to die and he would assure me that his parents won’t even notice he was already gone. I hate it when he tells me these because he was always crying when he does. And my hatest moment was when I see my friends cry.

Days after, he was already smiling. He also stopped bothering me about his parents. He just told me he was happy. Happy that he would finally be able to be with me and join me forever. And I’m glad that he was now part of my growing circle of friends. The last time I went out, he gave me his most treasured organ, his penis, to assure me that I would be safe and I gladly took it.

Right now, I’m still keeping it in my pocket and I always carry it wherever I go. I love playing with it inside my pocket. It always makes me feel secure, knowing that Pietro was with me.

            Yes, they were my friends who never left me. Oh, I almost forgot Criselda. She was the most special of all of them. You know why? Because she sacrificed her happiness for me I remember that day perfectly well.

She was with her boyfriend that time. She was having a good time with him, but I don’t like the guy. He doesn’t deserve her. So, when they were in the parking lot, I saw everything.

He was bleeding after being stabbed in the stomach with a knife Criselda knew very well. She began to cry and scream. I told her to stop but she continued yelling at me. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t like my friends getting mad at me. So I gave her what she deserved. And then, she began to smile.

The sadness in her eyes was gone and she stopped crying. Everything was silent afterwards. Then I hugged her. We were both soaked in blood but we both lied down there peacefully. She just laid her head on top of my chest. She was directly looking at her dead boyfriend, but she was still smiling. That night, I took her home. And she was very happy to be with me… Forever...

*The story above was written by The Guy when he was still in his Freshman year in college. It was written for his friend Danny and was about stepping into the mind of a madman. He never thought that he had that inner psychopath in him but now, he is already perfectly normal. The thoughts only occurred inside his head and will never translate in real life. Peace! ^_^ V