Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Optimus is not only Smart... It's GENIUS!

In this day and age, it is very common for people to have a mobile phone. There was even this joke about beggars even seen texting on the corner of the road. Regardless, mobile phones had become a necessity now, rather than just a mere luxury.

I remembered the first time I roamed around Greenhills and what totally caught my attention was the huge number of mobile phones and gadgets sellers/buyers occupying a spacious area on one whole floor.

I saw myself standing there and just mouthing the words WOW! God, I was in heaven back then. Being surrounded by gadgets and gizmos had always been my ultimate dream, and right now, I’m trying to live with that.

I had always been what you call a “tech savvy” ever since I was young. I could still remember the first ever phone I had, which was a Nokia 3210. That was when I started to have my own “textmates”. I know it’s funny, but what can I do, I was too young then to even see my phone as something more useful other than finding friends and communicating with them.

But from then on, I had been holding a new phone from time to time and handing them down to other relatives and family members once I got fed up with it. You see, I had been able to experience all kinds of phones, from the black and white ones, up to the colored ones. Now phones even have cameras and can play music and videos too. Talking about “smart” phones eh?

Now, mobile phones had gone way far than expected. I no longer see the prehistoric phones that filled up the shelves of stores in Greenhills. And as I transport myself back to the present, I couldn’t agree more with the fact that cellular phones obviously took a big leap over night.

Being an experienced mobile phone user, I had also been sort of the “adviser” of my friends in terms of mobile phones. Whenever they buy a new one, they would always consult me about what to buy and after following my advice, they would always thank me because they listened to me. Now, I may say that with the fast-paced world, mobile phones have triggered a new age where technology had brought us 10 or 20 years way ahead of us. No longer do we use phones for just mere texting and calling. Their usage had evolved into something more profound, not anymore staying within the “smart” class, but surpassing what we now call the “genius” category.

What totally astounded me with the mobile phone evolution was the fact that a lot of the sole purpose of individual gadgets before had been integrated into mobile phones now. And I think, based on what I see in the market right now, one major player in the mobile phone industry who had been breaking all the boundaries and growing by leaps and bounds is Lucky Goldstar Corporation, or more commonly known as the LG brand. With their major products such as the LG Optimus 2x and LG Optimus Black, I can dare say that these phones nowadays really are the jacks of all trades.

Imagine the Nvidia technology, which had been present only in computers before, is now being showcased in LG Optimus 2X. This probably made a lot of gaming consumers drool over wanting to have one. Being the first ever phone with a dual-core 1GHz processor and Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, LG Optmus 2X would surely capture the attention of gaming fanatics (like me) who want to bring the HD gaming experience in a very compact and portable phone.

Not only that, cameras, which had been one of the most sought after gadget of all time had also been packed in a very sleek and stylish phone like LG Optimus 2X. The days where you need to bring an analogue camera with a limited roll of film are now a thing of the past. With the help of LG Optimus 2X, I can now take high quality pictures with finer details, greater depth and astounding clarity through its 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash. With this, it’s not anymore impossible to capture very special moments and occasions with my family and friends. And if still pictures are not enough, I can also capture very unforgettable moments through LG Optimus 2X’s 1080P Full HD video recording capability. Sharing intimate moments and momentous occasions will always be as easy as 1-2-3 with the LG Optimus 2X.

Last, but surely not the least, was the ability to surf the net and be in touch with the world anytime and anywhere. Before, this is very impossible since I cannot literally bring and carry my personal computer anywhere I go, until the emergence of laptops and portable PCs such as UMPCs and netbooks.

I thought that would end there, but now, with LG Optimus phones’ wireless internet connection capabilities, I can have the power of the internet just within my reach. I can check my blog, my social network accounts even the latest news and happenings in the metro with the touch of my fingertips. With the addition of WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connection, combined with a 4.0 IPS LCD display in the LG Optimus 2X, I can totally enjoy the full potential of the web browser, providing very fast internet rendering and flash-integration. I know I might be getting a tad more excited but aside from the IPS LCD in LG Optimus 2X, I’m sure everyone would drool over the bright Nova display on the LG Optimus Black which again, will be another frontier in the mobile phone industry.

With all these things being possible with the LG Optimus 2X and LG Optmus Black, I no longer have to save a lot of money for a camera, a TV, an HD video player, a gaming console and a laptop. No longer do I need to carry the burden of bringing all these things with me because with the LG Optimus 2X lightly placed on my palm or discreetly stored in my pocket, I can already enjoy the things I like doing. It’s like getting the comforts of having an all-in-one gadget. For me, that’s what makes a “smart” phone truly a genius one. Being able to satisfy all the needs of a tech savvy like me had already proven that LG Optimus phones are the ultimate genius phones I had been waiting for all these years.

As how the saying goes, Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius!”

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